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Complete Pool & Spa Inspection Service for Homeowners, Home Buyers and Realtors.

We provide a complete 108 point swimming pool inspection service. We provideĀ  a complete report with observations and recommendations in a nice PDF format with pictures. Our Pool & Spa inspections are conducted using a find and report format. Our inspections are also a limited visual assessment of the entire pool area.

Pool TestWe do a complete water chemistry analysis with our mobile water lab. This is the most precise 11 reading process in the field. This analysis virtually eliminate any human reading error that may occur.

This is the most advanced system for precise use of wet chemistry methods ever produced!

We inspect for proper visible bonding, filtration and circulation in the pool. We inspect any gas heating appliances, heat pumps or solar pool heating units. We examine the safety and function of main entry points to the pool or spa areas, we also inspect the concrete and deck conditions. We perform a limited visual inspection of the pools interior bowl. We are ultimately inspecting for health and safety, pool function and durability. We do not cite any city codes or compliance with any local or federal requirements. All pumps, filters, lights, plumbing, copings, tile and many more items are inspected.

Inspecting gas heating devices and pool filtration equipment operation will be at the inspectors discretion when safety is of concern or prohibits otherwise. Our inspections are limited to ground level, visual assessment only.
Any recommendations found in this report are to educate the home purchaser/owner of any potential issues. No repair work is considered part of this service. All repairs must be scheduled outside of the Swimming Pool & Spa Inspection service.

Complete 108 point inspection including the portable lab water analysis is $189.00.