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Paradise Valley Pools will also perform minor pool repairs, which include: Pool motor repair, pool light repair, pool pumps, pool filters, automatic pool cleaners and salt cells are few of the repairs we perform.

Pool Pump Installation & Repair

Pumps and motors for pools are repaired and serviced by our Technicians. Ask about new energy efficient pumps and motors, which result in lower utility bills and are environmentally responsible. Your filter pump is the heart of your entire pool and without a properly operating pump the pool will not function. Paradise Valley Pools takes great pride in ensuring that your system is running perfectly and is maintained in a way to keep your operating costs as low as possible.

All of our weekly pool service accounts have their equipment inspected every week to ensure optimum performance. Our certified pool techs are trained to spot the issues as they arise and recommend only the repairs necessary to ensure the most cost effective operation of your pool and pool pump system.

We offer many different options on pump installations whether it is for your pool, spa, water feature, or fountain. Call Paradise Valley Pools today for a free, no obligation, in depth quote on your pump repair needs to ensure your pool or spa system pump is in perfect working order.

Pool Filter Installation & Repair

The quality and appearance of the water at your pool depends on a properly working filter system as well as regular filter inspections and maintenance. If your pool appears cloudy it might be time to service the filter or install a new one. We carry a complete line of all major brand name parts for upgrades. Let us consult with you and provide all the information you need before installing a new filter system.

Salt Water System Installation & Repair

Most salt water systems require to be regularly serviced. The cleaning of the salt cell on a routine basis will ensure the quality of chlorine it generates. Paradise Valley Pools will put your system on a cleaning schedule to maintain proper operation.

Looking to install a new pool salt water system, Paradise Valley Pools has the expertise to accomplish for you, contact us today.

Variable Speed Pump Installation & Repair

Variable Speed Pool Pumps can save you up to 80% on your pool’s energy costs. Your pump will also run cooler than a single speed pump, which will prolong the life of the pump.  Another great benefit is how quiet variable speed pumps are.  They run much quieter than a single speed pool pump.

Paradise Valley Pools is a qualified retailer to buy and install your variable speed pump.  Call us today at 480.567.0194 to discuss installing an energy efficient pool pump for your swimming pool.

Pool Motor Installation & Repair

Is your pool motor running really LOUD? Or making a loud humming noise?  

We can repair or replace all brands of swimming pool motors, including gaskets, seals, impellers and all the electrical components.  

We also install new energy efficient variable speed motors and pumps.  We will evaluate the condition of your swimming pool motor and help you determine whether it is more cost efficient for you to repair your old pool motor or to replace it with a new variable speed motor. 

Pool Plumbing Repair

Repairing leaks in the pool plumbing is a service Paradise Valley Pools provides. We will service and repair the pluming that is above ground for your pool.

Pool Light Installation & Repair

You may only need your pool light bulb changed, but more commonly you have gotten water in your pool light due to a broken gasket seal and will need a complete pool light fixture repair.  We can determine the cause of your non-working pool light and fix it for you.  

Not only is it nice to have your pool light on for night time swimming, but your pool light also serves as a safety mechanism, allowing you to always see the bottom of your pool to make sure no one has fallen in your pool.  We can also help you set up your remote control so that your pool light will come on automatically at a certain time of night.  

Safety First!
Unfortunately, in repairing pool lights, we also come across pool lights that were improperly installed and are a safety hazard!  Pool Lights must always be grounded properly, have a GFI switch, and should NEVER have spliced wires.  If you have any of these safety issues with your pool light, please call us immediately.  For Safety Reasons, pool lights should only be installed by an absolute professional.  If you are having ANY problems with your pool light, please call to have it inspected immediately!

Pool Timer Installation & Repair

Is your pool automation in need of some repair or would you like to turn your pool or spa on from the comfort of your home? Can you manage your pool and spa features easily and turn them on and off without outside of fully understanding the valves?

  • Do you need help programming your pool’s digital system?
  • Are you wondering if your timer is set properly so your water is circulating enough hours to get your pool clean?
  • Has your timer stopped working?

We can help you with this.